Design, Video and Communication


Web Design and Video Production for Omaha NE

Monkson creates one-of-a-kind websites and videos for businesses in Omaha and across the Omaha, NE metro area. We can handle nearly any type of web design service you need including website design, consulting and user interface research. Our video services include videography, editing and script writing.

We don’t offer cookie cutter websites and stale scripted videos. Today’s discerning website visitor deserves modern, easy-to-use websites with eye catching graphics and engaging copy. And because video is a great way to connect with an audience and increase conversion rates, we produce videos that can be used across websites and social media.

Custom Content

Your business is unlike any other and you have a unique set of customers, so why have web pages and videos that are
just like your competition. We can create new content or maximize the creative elements of your existing content of your website.

Strategy in Marketing

Successful businesses use their brand to their advantage by making sure they use their logo, colors and tagline
consistently throughout all their digital points of contact. We will make sure that your message is persistent on your
website, your videos, social media and email.

Forward Looking

The recent rise of social media means some businesses have abandoned the traditional website altogether. Monkson can
create branded social media imagery and rich social media videos that you can use to promote your business through
Facebook, Twitter and more.

Beautiful and Visible

You can have the best looking website and rich video content, but if no ones sees it because your site is not search engine optimized, it doesn’t do you any good. Likewise, if your site doesn’t play nice with tablets and mobile phones, you are losing potential customers.