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Social Networking Videos

Fireside Production’s Social Networking Video is a creative and affordable way to capture a business or non-profit event and deliver it to online viewers quickly. We developed this package in 2009 to offer our Clients a cost-effective option to share their events… and it has been a huge hit!
So, what does the Social Networking Video package include? Fireside Production provides a videographer for two hours to capture footage, interviews and natural sound in standard definition. We then produce an interview- and natural-sound driven video approximately two-minutes in length. Now, this next part is very important to note… there is no script- or edit-approval process with this option to offer the most affordable rate for a Social Networking package with fast delivery of the finished video. How fast? We generally have the finished piece loaded to your YouTube site or other platform the next day. That allows you to begin showcasing the coverage of your event, and you then have the footage in your video library to use to promote the event the following year. The rest is up to you… share the video on Facebook, Twitter and send it out in your newsletters!

Social Networking Videos are affordable and accessible for your organization… and Fireside Production makes the entire experience easy and enjoyable. Be sure to Contact Us today to learn more about our Social Networking package.